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  • Adriana Nikolovska

    Hi! I am an Industrial and product designer with mechanical knowledge, and you can check out my profile at Behance: 

    I provide creative and detailed designing services. I have a lot of experience with 3D printing. Over the last 3 years, I have designed a wide range of products using Solidworks, Maya and 3Ds-Max, which include household appliances, furniture, molds packaging designs and more, that have been created for private companies or shown in international exhibitions. 

    I also have experience with graphic design and photography. This include skills like photo-editing, photo-manipulations and 2D-design that are essential for my job choice. I use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Picasa and other software depending on the demand.

    <p>Hi! I am an Industrial and product designer with mechanical...

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  • Audacine

    Mary Jane Gomes was born in Guyana, South American and spent the first part of her childhood in Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies.  Raised in Canada, Mary Jane studied Film and Photography at Ryerson University and did her Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies at York University.  Now living in the Parry Sound area, Mary Jane has begun to work in stills, capturing motion to reflect and celebrate the spirit of Nature.  Mary Jane also continues to pursue her film career. Mary Jane has taught film production at Ryerson University and at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad.

    <p>Mary Jane Gomes was born in Guyana, South American and spent the...

  • Ellie Avraxide

    Ellie Avraxide is a multidisciplinary designer. Her studies in 5-year B.Eng department of Product and System Design Engineering at University of the Aegean, gave her the opportunity to explore and work in different fields of design. She is new in the market, but she has already experience in Product Design, Branding, UX/UI design, Graphic Design, Event planning and Game design. The main characteristic of Ellie is that she comes up with lots of fresh and out of the box ideas, which always consider the human needs and environmental impact without sacrifice the aesthetics or the quality of the result. 

    <p>Ellie Avraxide is a multidisciplinary designer. Her studies in...

  • Gabija Janusauskaite

    Gabija Janusauskaite or ‘Gabi’ as she is known is of Lithuanian heritage and has been in England for 9 years. A UK based Interior, Furniture and Product Designer, she specialises in taking any space and transforming it into an environment suitable to your taste and requirements.Gabi moved to Nottingham after leaving in the first year of Interior Design and construction course in Lithuania. What started as a three month stay quickly turned into a permanent stay and she soon graduated with a Foundation Degree in Art and Design and is now studying Furniture and Product Design at Nottingham Trent University which will culminate in graduation 2015. Her style of design is best described as contemporary with a touch of German and Swiss design influences. Research is Gabi’s strongest skill and she uses it to develop the initial design to a finished product. Most of the designs are done by using CAD programs as she thinks that it is more visual and effective expression of designs. Gabi is looking forward to working on your dream project!

    <p>Gabija Janusauskaite or ‘Gabi’ as she is known is of...

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  • Minimalist Design Store

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  • Tristan Kopp


    • MA Social design, Design Academy of Eindhoven (The Netherlands) 
    • BA Product design, ESAD de Reims (France)
    • Architecture school ‘Paris Val de Seine’ (France)
    • High school degree (Paris, France)
    • Exhibition / Scenography Re-Do Studio will show the Re-Done appliances at DROOG / Solo exhibition (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) 
    • Exhibition / Re-Do Studio show the Re-Done Bicycle at the exhibition 'Mastering Design' at the MUDAC, curated by Louise Schouwenberg (Lausanne, Switzerland) 
    • Exhibition / Participation at the 'Adhocracy' exhibition curated by Joseph Grima at Lime Wharf (New York, USA)
    • Exhibition / Participation at the 'Adhocracy' exhibition curated by Joseph Grima at the New Museum (New York, USA)
    • Freelance / Construction for Studio XO – Building furniture’s, storages in wood. 
    • Co-founder of Re-Do Studio / Development of 2 products, a bicycle and a range of kitchen appliances. (London, UK) 
    • Incubator / Part of the incubator Innovation RCA (London, UK)
    • Exhibition / Participation at the 'Adhocracy' exhibition curated by Joseph Grima in the Galata Greek School part of the first Istanbul Design Biennial organized by IKSV
    • Exhibition / Participation at the Dutch Design Week
    • Freelance / Designer for Intrastructures ( Belgium) - Product conception, 3D modeling, prototype making
    • Exhibition / Participation at the exhibition ‘Landscape in perspective’ in Maastricht (Netherlands)
    • Employee / Assistant at the stone manufacturer ‘Marcus, Saint-Gilles’. Tasks from handling raw material to execution of the final product, eg. Tiles, stairs, lavatories


    • Product design
    • Hand drawing / CAD (Rhino)
    • Good technical knowlegde of materials : metal, wood, stone
    • Good knowledge of industrial processes
    • Software: Rhinoceros, Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator
    • Manual skills for prototype making
    • Languages: English and French
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