About us

What is the Minimalist Design Store?

The Minimalist Design Store is a unique collection of household and commercial items made from Corian®, wood, metal and glass; that you won't find anywhere else on the web!

The Minimalist Design Store is a culmination of our efforts and showcases our unique products online for purchase. If clean, modern design are things that you enjoy in business or your home, then the Minimalist Design Store will be a shopping experience like no other. Hand crafted items, meticulously fabricated, the Minimalist Design Store inventories items that can't be seen or purchased anywhere else in the world. We have partnered with some of the most sought after designers to bring you truly unique solid surface collections.

Who is the Minimalist Design Store?

Founded by Engineer, Bob Westcott of RJW Enterprises Inc., Bob is a well respected member of the design community who has been using cutting edge technologies to deploy countless minimalist designs around the globe for other designers, architects, businesses and home owners since the early 1990's.

RJW Enterprises has been given numerous innovative awards and been featured in top magazines. They are considered 1 of 6 premium fabricators in the world aknowledged by Dupont.

Our Purpose

The Minimalist Design Store is an innovative company. We work collaboratively to find and create leading edge designs that are of the highest quality and can't be found anywhere else.

Our Designers

Our designers create innovative products that incorporate solid design principals and dedicated to a modernistic approach to their works and functionality but envelope their own culture. The are dedicated to invisioning stunningly beautiful but elegantly simple ideas that are timeless internationally; designs created for and can only be found on the Minimalist Design Store.

Interested? Why not meet our designers and see some of their creative and innovative work.

Meet the Designers